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Exciting news! We now have an all-inclusive, simple, easy payment structure. No more stressing about all the different costs associated with dancing. We are now offering an amazing dance experience included in the monthly payment.


This new structure will include:

*Registration Dues

*Monthly tuition

*Professional, Gorgeous Costumes- 1 for each discipline enrolled in. Students receive a new costume for the December recital and again for the June recital. Costumes are valued at $75 each.

*Recital Fee


Bonus items now gifted to our students who are enrolled for the entire year (August-July)

*Beautiful Leotard for ballet, jazz, and acro, and combo classes

*Recital DVD

*Recital T-shirt/Tank

*Awards for passing levels during the testing in July


Pricing Structure is:

1 hr/wk               $79/month

2 hr/wk               $133/month

3 hr/wk               $167/month

4 hr/wk               $197/month

5 hr/wk               $227/month

6 hr/wk               $263/month

7 hr/wk               $289/month

8+ hr/wek           $299/month



All Pricing is per student. If you have more than three students dancing in your family, please call us for your customized pricing.





Tuition is per month and is not dependent on the number of classes in the month.  Some months there will be fewer classes due to holidays, etc.  Tuition is charged to the card on file the first of each month.  All lessons must be paid for whether the student is in class or not.  There is a $25 late fee for tuition paid after the 1st of each month, even if your child has been absent. (The only exception to this is the month of August.  In August all tuition must be paid at the first lesson.)  There is a $30 service fee for all returned checks.


Emails: Monthly email newsletters are sent out to parents.  Please ensure that we have your correct email address.  Important information is sent out and it is YOUR responsibility to read these emails and know what is going on.  Information is also posted on the website.


Absences and Make-up lessons:  If your child is absent, please notify the director to set up a make-up class. Make-ups are only available for some classes so please make sure your child is in class as much as possible.



All students who have at least 90% attendance and are enrolled before the recital cut-off will be invited to perform in our recitals tentatively scheduled for December 22, 2018 and June 14 and 15, 2019.  Performances are tentatively scheduled for Berger Performing Arts Center at 1200 W. Speedway. Tickets to all shows are $15 (plus convenience fee) and will be available for purchase at approximately 6 weeks prior to the show. Tickets will be $20 at the door.



All students are auto-enrolled into each successive session and are charged on the first of each month accordingly. This includes enrollment in July and the following session. If you will not be returning for the following session, written notice must be received by June 1. 30 days written notice for any other withdrawals. No refunds or returns for any reason. If a student withdraws before the recital, he/she forfeits all costumes, dvds, recital shirts, and any other bonuses.

Star Behavior:

Parents must not distract from the learning environment while at the studio. Parents are welcome to stay and wait in our lobby waiting area. However, please do not distract from the learning environment by bringing siblings, making messes, talking to children during class, talking on phones in class, etc.

All parents, students, and any others that enter the building agree to always put forth their best “Star Behavior.” This includes being respectful to others, arriving on time and prepared, adhering to policies, respecting teacher and director decisions, and being supportive of the Centre Stage Dance Studio program. Centre Stage believes in developing the dancer as a whole. This means that everyone (including parents) should look for ways to set good examples, work hard, and make the world a more beautiful place. Anyone not adhering to these policies (as determined by the director) will be removed from the program without any refunds.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to all policies of Centre Stage Dance Studio, LLC.  You may be required to sign a hard copy of this form.