We Offer A Variety Of Fun, Professionally Taught Dance Styles

Our Classes & Curriculum

We offer ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, acro, combo classes, mommy and me ballet, zumba, adult classes, and even aerial arts. Our curriculums are technique-based and results-oriented. Our younger students enjoy the Dancing School Kids curriculum which incorporate dance into play. Ballet students train under the American Ballet Theater’s curriculum. Tap students are taught using Al Gilbert Tap curriculum. All students participate in two recitals each year that showcase the student’s progress in an entertaining and professional production.


Ballet is the fundamental discipline of all dance. Focus on technique leads to grace and beauty. Our ballet classes are proudly taught with American Ballet Theater curriculum.

Ballet class options

  • Ages 18 months- 3 yrs- Mommy and Me Ballet
  • Ages 3-7- Combo Ballet/Tap Classes
  • Ages 7-18- Ballet Technique 1, Ballet Technique 2, Ballet Technique 3, Ballet Technique 4 (Pointe)
  • Ages 8-18- Ballet Choreography
  • Ages 11-18- Teen Ballet 2/3
  • Ages 18 & Up- Adult Ballet
  • Private Lessons Available- Contact us to schedule.
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Make music with your feet! Catch the tap fever. Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes and  focuses on the musicality, rhythm, and coordination in dancers.  Students will learn up-to-date as well as traditional tap combinations, taught through Al Gilbert Tap Curriculum.

Tap class options

  • Ages 3-7- See Children Tap/Ballet Combo Classes
  • Ages 7-18- Tap 1, Tap 2, Tap 3
  • Ages 18 & Up- Adult Tap
  • Private Lessons Available- Contact us to schedule.
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Amazing tumbling skills are combined with fantastic dance technique to bring the exciting dance form of “ACRO”. Dancers learn gymnastics skills from the beginner level to the advanced level through Acrobatic Arts Curriculum.

Tumbling/Acro class options

  • Ages 3-7- Tiny Tumble
  • Ages 5-8- Acro Ages 5-8
  • Ages 7-18- Acro 1, Acro 2, Acro 3
  • Private Lessons Available- Contact us to schedule.
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Jazz class covers hard hitting, classical jazz in addition to exploring lyrical jazz, contemporary jazz, modern jazz, and jazz funk. Our classical jazz curriculum teaches all important technique necessary  to execute amazing kicks, leaps, turns, jumps and more.

Jazz Class Options

  • Ages 7-18- Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3, Jazz 4
  • Private Lessons Available- Contact us to schedule.
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Centre Stage Dance offers Ballet and Tap Combo classes for our little dancers.   Through Ballet and Tap, our little dancers are taught important fundamental techniques through playful instruction, helping to ensure a great foundation for a future filled with dance.

Combo Ballet/Tap options

  • Ages 3-5- Combo 1
  • Ages 5-7- Combo 2
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Fresh dance moves combined with hot music. Learn what it takes to really break it down! Hip-Hop dance is very dynamic and improvisational in nature, with jumps, breakages, and rotations in the movements, incorporating a variety of old and new urban dance styles, such as breakdancing, popping, and locking.

Hip Hop class options

  • Ages 5-7- Little Hip Hop
  • Ages 7-18- Hip Hop 1, Hip Hop 2, Hip Hop 3
  • Ages 18 & Up- Adult Hip Hop
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STARS! is Centre Stage Dance Studio’s elite jazz performance company and hip hop crew.

Does your child have what it takes to be a STAR! Does she thrive on being the center of attention? Is she looking for more opportunities to dance at Centre Stage? Then join our STARS Performance Company.   Stars Jazz classes cover jazz, modern, lyrical, and contemporary.

Company Rehearsal Classes

  • Ages 5-7- Pre-Company
  • Ages 7-9- Company 1
  • Ages 9-18- Stars Company

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Give your child wings to fly! Our new Aerial Art classes are a beautiful and artistic outlet for children to express themselves.  Aerial Art is physical movement, like dance or acrobatics, while being suspended in the air.  Exciting and exhilarating, Aerial Art often incorporates muscles that are not used readily in everyday life. We offer children’s classes in aerial silks, lyra (hoop), and pole sport.

Aerial Arts Class Options

  • Ages 6-10- Aerial Silks, Pole Sport Level 1, Pole Sport Level 2
  • Ages 11+- Aerial Silks, Pole Sport, Pole Comp Team
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It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of dancing. Adults of all ages and all skill levels are welcome to come to a fun and non-judgmental environment where they will get excellent technique training, physical exercise, and even gain new friendships.

Adult Class Options

  • Adult Tap
  • Adult Ballet
  • Adult Hip Hop
  • Adult Lyrical


  • Adult Aerial Arts/Fitness Classes
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